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Programs & Services

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Indigenous Medicine Conferences

A space to exchange obtained and practiced lived-experiences, for the recognition, visibility and protection of Indigenous Medicine. The purpose of this space is to create reinforcement and support of Indigenous Medicine knowledge keepers.



 Ruxnaqil is a Mayan word that means “Holistic Health,” health for the mind, body, spirit, and life. This 8-month training is for Indigenous practitioners and health promoters (promotores) and will provide a foundation in traditional Mayan healing practices. The purpose of this space, like the medicine conferences, is to create a community of practice that centers Indigenous spiritual leaders and medicine practitioners, and Indigenous community health workers. 

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Community Healing Ceremonies

Healing ceremonies are an opportunity for individuals, families and communities to participate in ancestral healing practices that have existed since time immemorial. These healing ceremonies have also provided tremendous healing and relief to those that have participated, as ceremony is integral to healing and wellbeing in many Indigenous cultures. Central to the center's vision and efforts, healing ceremonies are an opportunity for families to participate in Indigenous healing practices that have existed since time immemorial. Rooted in Indigenous values, connection to land, culture and spirit, the IHC believes that ceremonies are integral to our efforts unfolding in a good way, with guidance from our Elders and spiritual guides.

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Mobile Indigenous Healing Clinics

To offer health and healing services to Indigenous individuals, families and communities using Indigenous medicine- a comprehensive approach that supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health-which is rooted in ancestral scientific knowledge that has existed since time immemorial. Pop-up mobile clinic sites will be located throughout different parts of Marin County, including Southern Marin, West Marin, Central Marin, and East Marin. The clinic offers one-on-one consultations with an Indigenous. Medicine practitioner that will share advice and guidelines to improve health and prevent diseases

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