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The Indigenous Healing Center is an intergenerational, intertribal, Indigenous-led and operated organization in Northern California serving historically-marginalized communities. Utilizing the unique approaches to health and wellness of Indigenous cultures, we are dedicated to the wellbeing of people and land.

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The indigenous scientific knowledge of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers has always existed, although it has not been recognized.
No one is coming to show us how to move forward, we must learn to value and above all to live according to the knowledge of our Elders and Ancestors.
To live by it and teach it to our
current and future generations.

-Tat Balam Pascual Yaxon, Mayan Spiritual Leader,

Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Indigenous Healing Center

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The Indigenous Healing Center is grounded in the traditional wisdom of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers. We know the reality of our Indigenous communities because we were born there; we are part of what we speak here, and we do not speak for all Indigenous Peoples. What we leave here is our contribution to thought, revitalization, regeneration, research, and creative innovation, using the medicines, values, principles, and sciences of our ancestors. And our contribution is only possible because of essential kinships, partnerships, and the grassroots movements of Indigenous Peoples in North America, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, alongside all our other relatives that are actively working to restore and strengthen Indigenous systems around the world.


May we all continue to play our part in fostering a just and equitable world for all children and people, land, and future generations. 

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Our Funders
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Our Partners

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Our Fiscal Sponsor

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"I express my gratitude for my presence as a guest on these lands, while underlining that a land acknowledgment is one small part of the necessary work of learning to be accountable to, and dismantling, settler colonial legacies"

- Fikile Nxumalo (2019).

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